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Get clean, fresh breath on the go! With one quick shot of Glister Mint Refresher Spray, you'll get instant fresh breath with a long-lasting minty flavor. A handy pocket size that provides up to 223 sprays per container.
How to buy
Product code:124111

What It Does For You

  • Freshens breath instantly, anytime, anywhere.
  • Gives long-lasting fresh breath with every spray
  • Flavor blend enhanced with Nutrilite-certified peppermint
  • Convenient pocket-size

Why You Would Like It

Enjoy long-lasting fresh breath whenever and wherever you need it. Glister Mint Refresher Spray gives you fast and effective refreshment in just one spray. Enjoy the unique flavor of our exclusive blend enhanced with Nutrilite-certified peppermint and experience this sensation anytime you want.

Facts For You

The Glister Mint Refresher Spray formula is:

  • Non-aerosol
  • Free from dyes/artificial colors
  • Sugar-free
  • Free from parabens
  • Free from animal-derived ingredients

A remarkable 95% of panelists felt their mouth was cleaner after using Glister Mint Refresher Spray as part of the Glister™ Oral Care System.

100% of the electricity required by Amway™ company to manufacture this Glister product in the U.S. is offset by our continuing investment in sustainable wind power.

Key Features

  • Freshens breath instantly
  • Creates lasting freshness
  • Convenient on-the-go size
  • Exclusive peppermint blend
  • Provides up to 223 sprays per container

How To Use

This product is for the REFRESH step of the Glister Oral Care System. Use as desired.

  1. Hold the container upright.
  2. Spray directly into the mouth for quick and easy breath refreshment.


Denatured Alcohol
Essential Oils for Flavor

Frequently asked questions

Does Glister Mint Refresher Spray contain alcohol?

Yes, it contains ethyl alcohol to help dissolve the ingredients.

Is Glister Mint Refresher Spray safe to swallow?

Glister Mint Refresher Spray is designed for oral use and is safe to swallow. If it is sprayed in the eye, flush the eye with water. 

How much Glister Mint Refresher Spray should I use at one time?

We’ve designed the packaging so that each spray of Glister Mint Refresher Spray delivers just the right amount of freshness for your mouth. One shot is all you need. 

What has changed from the old Mint Refresher Spray?

The only change we have made to the formula was to add Nutrilite Peppermint Oil to the flavoring, which does not change the flavor profile. This formula is basically identical to the previous one.