Give your kids support they can benefit from!

Imuniteto palaikymas* plius vaikams Nutrilite™ Kids

Kids Immunity Support Plus Nutrilite contains Vitamin D which supports kid’s immune system, to help ensure they don’t miss out on their daily activities. 

What It Does For You

  • Supports children’s immune system with Vitamin D.
  • Great 4-in-1 product, which combines Vitamin D with Vitamin C, Zinc and lactic acid producing bacteria.
  • Fast melting powder in convenient stick packs which can be put directly on the tongue.
  • Fun and tasty – the powder has a yummy taste and leaves a fun, cooling sensation on the tongue.

.Why You Would Like It

Getting cold and wet while exploring the world is a normal part of growing up, and important for your kids’ development. You can help them do what kids do best by supporting their immune system with a daily supplement they will enjoy taking!

Providing a daily dose of Vitamin D, Kids Immunity Support Plus Nutrilite can help support your kids’ everyday adventures in a way that’s fun, convenient and packed with benefits. It contains a special blend of Vitamin D, which supports children’s immune system,  Vitamin C, some of which is extracted from green acerola cherries, Zinc and lactic acid producing bacteria. The fast-melting powder comes in handy stick packs and can be put directly on the tongue or mixed with cold drinks (e.g. juice) or food (e.g. breakfast cereals). It leaves a cooling sensation on the tongue and has a yummy, slightly sweet taste. There are no artificial colours, flavours or added preservatives in this product.