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Start with Hydration Kit and truly personalize the serum by adding up to 2 more Amplifiers based on your skin concerns. Rehydrate your skin with powerful moisture-boosting Kit.
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Treat your skin’s top 3 concerns in a single serum.

With the power of up to 3 serums in 1, Artistry Signature Select™ Personalized Serum combines powerful Nutrilite™ botanicals and advanced Artistry™ skincare technologies to target and treat your unique skin concerns. Create your personalized mix by selecting a starting Kit and adding up to 2 more Amplifiers. Choose from: Hydration, Anti-Wrinkle, Firming, Anti-Spot and Brightening. If your primary skin concern is skin hydration, this is the perfect solution for you! Start with the Hydration Kit and add up to 2 more Amplifiers to customize your serum.

How do I select the right Amplifiers to address my skin’s needs?

Download the free Artistry™ Virtual Beauty app from Google Play or App Store, select ‘Skincare’ and take a selfie to analyze your skin. This easy-to-use tool will help you confidently assess your skin and give you personalized skincare recommendations. Try it now!

What It Does For You

  • By strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier, the Hydration Kit improves its appearance, softness and smoothness

  • Includes the Base Serum and Hydration Amplifier

  • The Base Serum’s 100% Phyto-Infused Water blends 5 pure Nutrilite™ botanicals—Acerola cherry, blackcurrant, green tea, pomegranate and spinach—to deliver the highest concentration and greatest number of Nutrilite™ ingredients in any single Artistry™ product ever made

  • Instantly plumps skin with a moisture infusion

  • 24-hour hydration*

  • Keeps skin supple, soft and healthy-looking

*Substantiated by clinical study: Clinical Moisturization Study (Advanced Imaging and Measurement Lab Study RPT-004-17-ASC, n=35, age range = 24–61; Attachment 2)

Why You Would Like It

The Artistry Signature Select™ Hydration Kit is an ideal starting point for those who want the best serum for dry skin. When combined with the skin-nourishing ingredients of the Base Serum, the Hydration Amplifier penetrates more effectively to the skin, creating skin that is softer, smoother and suppler. You can also add up to 2 more Amplifiers to the Base Serum to address other skin concerns with a truly personalized skin serum.

Facts for You

  • 100% of women showed an improvement in skin softness and smoothness*
  • Immediately after Hydration Kit application, an improvement in hydration of 233% was seen**
  • Seals moisture in so skin stays hydrated all day**
  • The Base Serum increases Amplifier penetration by up to 175%***

*Substantiated by clinical study: Clinical Grading (Cantor Research Laboratories/Advanced Imaging and Measurement Lab Study RPT-013-16-ASC-Clinical Grading, n=35, age range = 30–62; Attachment 4)
**Substantiated by clinical study: Clinical Moisturization Study (Advanced Imaging and Measurement Lab Study RPT-004-17-ASC, n=35, age range = 24–61; Attachment 2)
***Substantiated by clinical study: In Vitro Franz Cell Assay (Analytical Sciences Report RPT-CS-17-005; Attachment 26)

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