Instant Hand Cleanser G&H Protect+™





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Keep your hands hygienically clean! Protect yourself and people around you with G&H Protect+™ Instant Hand Cleanser! G&H Protect+ Instant Hand Cleanser effectively cleans hands.
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Instant hand cleanser helps keep your hands hygienically clean.

What It Does For You

  • Instantly cleanses your hands.
  • The 500 ml bottle with a pump is perfect for the whole family.

Why You Would Like It

Everyday hygiene is a priority to all of us, and hand washing is the most important means of preventing the spread of bacteria and germs. With G&H PROTECT+ Instant Hand Cleanser you clean your hands in a fast and safe way, when soap, water or towels aren´t available.

Hand cleansing gel is available in a 500 ml size bottle with a pump. Perfect to keep in households available for the whole family. Keep your hands hygienically clean – whether you are at home or outside!