Hydrating Smoothing Toner Artistry Skin Nutrition™





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This alcohol-free toner provides your skin with a fresh burst of hydration to seal in the skin’s own moisture and stabilise and nurture skin´s microbiome The ideal toner for normal-to-dry or dry skin, with a fresh, hydrating formula that absorbs quickly and easily.
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This toner provides your skin with a fresh burst of hydration after cleansing, leaving behind a smooth, silky-soft feel and a vibrant, healthy-looking glow.

What It Does For You

  • Beyond removing any last traces of impurities after cleansing, this alcohol-free Toner stabilises and nurtures the microbiome, helping keep it in a healthy balance
  • Gives your skin a fresh burst of hydration and conditioning and refinishes for a smoother look and feel
  • Prepares your skin to receive optimum benefits from the following skincare products
  • Suitable for all skin types, especially dry and normal-to-dry skin

Why You Would Like It

Infused with White Chia Seed Gel, Artistry Skin Nutrition™ Hydrating Smoothing Toner provides vital support directly to your skin’s microbiome, proactively stabilising it, strengthening it and helping keep it in balance by minimising the formation of biofilms.

The clear fluid toner is enriched with moisture-retaining White Chia liposome, which helps seal in your skin’s own moisture and prevent moisture loss.

Facts For You

  • In consumer testing among women:
    • 98% agreed it leaves skin feeling velvety smooth.
    • 94% said it immediately hydrates skin.
    • 94% agreed it helps make skin look vibrant.
    • 93% said it provides a healthy-looking glow
  • Artistry™ Clean formulated, meaning NO: Mineral Oil, Parabens, Phthalates, Sulphate-Based Surfactants
  • Registered with The Vegan Society and free from all animal-derived ingredients, no animal testing
  • Alcohol-free and pH balanced
  • Non-stripping and non-drying
  • Non-comedogenic formulation, won’t cause clogged or blocked pores
  • Dermatologically tested, allergy tested
  • Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.
  • Contains phytonutrient(s) grown on our own Nutrilite™ or partner farms, with sustainable farming practices that respect the environment and the farming communities.