Dual Line Tubing eSpring™





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Replacement part for eSpring Water Treatment System unit with Diverter Kit for existing tap (above the counter Installation). For optimal performance, exchange the dual line tubing of your eSpring Water Treatment System (above the counter) every 2 years.
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Ensure consistent water quality from your eSpring Water Treatment System, with this Dual Line Tubing kit for your diverter for existing tap. (Replacement recommended every two years).

What It Does For You

  • Replaces eSpring Diverter Kit Dual Line Tubing
  • Ensures continuous performance and high water quality
  • Extends Diverter Kit lifespan by two years

Why You Would Like It

Water quality should be consistent. To keep it that way, ensure you replace your eSpring dual line tubing with Diverter Kit Dual Line Tubing Replacement Kit (1.5m). After which, you won’t have to think of it again for the next two years.